Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"The Last Creator - Part 2" Now Available

Check it out! Part 2 of my new young adult sic-fi/fantasy novel "The Last Creator" is now available on Kindle for $2.99:

"The Last Creator - Part 2" by Katelyn Rushe

Following an assault on her investigation team's ship, the autistic Amber Brenin wakes to discover that she possesses even more heightened mental abilities. These abilities quickly prove useful as she begins to figure out her father Robert's whereabouts while also continuing her voyage to Optic, the continent where the source of the deadly Blackouts lies. According to her ship's captain Carqova, the girl will need a few skills if she hopes to defeat that source.

It's not long after their arrival on Optic that another disaster befalls Amber's team. Separated by a stampede and running out of time, the company must face everything from wild animals to vengeful natives, as well as four monstrous beings that seek an entity known as the Creator in order to conquer Rökshena. Before Amber can overcome these forces and save her new world, she has to find her own inner peace and learn to control her mind, but the pain of her past may run too deep.

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