Monday, March 11, 2013

Weaving Narratives

I've been hitting a few road blocks in my writing lately. It's tough enough to keep all the details straight in one novel, let alone in two (especially if you started writing them without everything  100% planned out). Add a couple movie obsessions and an increasingly frustrating job search to those circumstances, and you end up with some pretty lousy writing. That's why I recently took up a new hobby: scarf making.

The plan is to make a ton of them and then sell them when next fall and winter come around. Michaels sells all sorts of yarn, and with my employee discount, I can get a pretty good deal on it. I've been on a roll too--I've churned out three scarves in the last three days and I'm on the verge of finishing a fourth one tonight.

Here's the only "downside" to all of this productivity: I haven't worked on my book at all for the past week. I say "downside" in quotations because although my writing progress has been on hiatus, my editing process has been coming along nicely. Making scarves is pretty mindless work, which gives you plenty of time to think about things like plot holes, out-of-character moments, confusing story elements, and narrative threads that seemingly go nowhere. I've decided on a few changes to make in both books of the series, along with some upcoming scene ideas to clarify the more puzzling aspects of the first book. I'm weaving a better story, if you will.

So now that I've had time to think things over and I'm running low on yarn, I should be back to writing tomorrow. Hopefully the process will go much easier this time around. I'll still try to update my blog more often than once a month, though.

...I'd better not promise that last part.

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