Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New "Nerdfly" Cover

Check it out! I designed a new cover for my friend Jackie's book The Nerdfly a little while ago, and now it's up on Kindle:

This book and I go a long way back. I first met Jackie when she came to my school and read an early draft of The Nerdfly to my sixth grade class. I loved it, and when I finally got a paperback copy, I read it on a weekly basis. I even got Jackie to autograph it, since I'd become a member of her local writers group by then.

Original cover

She also gave me a poster of the cover from one of her book-signings. In exchange, I made a clay replica of the titular Nerdfly for a later book-signing and drew some illustrations for the book's website.

So, it looks like I've come full-circle with The Nerdfly. The original cover is still available on Amazon in paperback, but e-books seem to sell a lot faster these days. Maybe this will be what really gets my name out there. :)

And of course, I highly recommend reading both The Nerdfly and its predecessor, The Peacekeeper. They're technically for young adults, but I think the humor is sharp and satirical enough that older readers can appreciate it quite a bit too. Plus, if you're a zombie fan, you'll probably really crack up at the third act in The Nerdfly.

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