Saturday, January 19, 2013

Writing in the Dungeon

As of today, I'm on to Chapter 3 in my next book. That's not much news for such a long break in between blog entries, but that's pretty much all I have to tell. My life gets severely uneventful whenever I'm writing, because I'll literally spend entire days typing on the computer if I can help it. Today was the first day this week that I even left the house.

I may have found an ideal writing place in the house this time. My dad has a game room with a bar set up in the basement, and except in the evenings, no one else ever goes in there.

I usually have the lights turned off to set the mood when I write there. My parents call it the Dungeon on those days.

Well, so far I've set a good pace for this book. Two chapters in one week is pretty good, considering how long it normally takes me to get that much work done. Seriously, the last few chapters in Part 1 of the series took me almost a month apiece to "crank out." I might have the first draft of this installment done in six months if I can keep up this momentum.

Back to the Dungeon in the meantime.

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