Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm sorry, it's been a while since my last post. It's easy for these blogs to slip your mind when you've had as much going on as I have. Anyway, on to some news!

Yesterday was technically Halloween, even though Frankenstorm had the trick-or-treating postponed. I won't complain, because these storm delays caused one of the supply trucks for Michaels Arts & Crafts to be canceled yesterday, so I got to "sleep in" until 4:00 AM. Trust me, that's late when you're a replenishment clerk.

Another plus was that having no trick-or-treaters freed me up for last night. Local restaurant Freddy's II was having a Halloween party, and I dug out my old "Alien" crewmember costume—complete with my homemade chestburster named Edgar—for the occasion!

Sorry dude, but Edgar has a real taste for man flesh. Luckily Thor showed up last night and kept him in line with the hammer after this happened. Photo courtesy of fellow writer Jacqueline Druga, who came dressed as Black Widow from "The Avengers." 

There was also a costume contest. Mine didn't place, although it got quite a few compliments from the DJ and some other party-goers. Third place went to a Malibu Barbie who actually works with me at Michaels, second place went to the Frito Bandito, and a zombie couple won first place. The prizes were all gift cards for Freddy's II.

In other news, "Deer Lake" continues to make weekly sales on Kindle and I'm over halfway through editing my second novel. I recently found the files for all of my old short stories, so expect to see a Katelyn Rushe anthology or two on Amazon in the near future!

Happy Halloween Part 1, folks! I'll have more to say on Halloween Part 2  this Saturday!

As a final treat, here's a drawing I posted on my DeviantArt account yesterday. It's the stitchpunks from Shane Acker's movie "9" dressed as characters from Tim Burton's "Ed Wood."



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