Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interviews and a Movie

I had a couple job interviews this week. They were both at marketing companies in Greentree that got my resume from I know virtually nothing about marketing, I'm probably not qualified to work in that field, and it's a pretty safe guess that neither of the companies that interviewed me are interested in hiring me.

This is what my job search has become. Totally worth the four years of college that lead up to it. In the meantime, all I can do is keep working the graveyard shift at Michaels and editing my stories for Kindle.

If there's anything at all that I've learned sine graduation, it's that the only way to get by at all in today's economy is to make your own luck. No one in the entire work force cares if you're a part of it or not, and none of them is going to help you. That's why I have to stick to my guns and focus on becoming an author. I can do 99.9% of that job by myself.

On a more pleasant note, I saw Wreck-It Ralph today.

I'll probably have a lot more to say about this movie after I give it time to all sink in, but overall, it's worth seeing. The animation is very impressive, it has a lot of clever homages and spoofs of classic video games, and the way the writers utilize the worlds in each game for humor is just great. You can tell they especially had a ball coming up with candy-related jokes for the "Sugar Rush" racing game that Ralph gets lost in. It's a very imaginative, inspired movie that's very inspiring in turn.

I'll admit, it surprised me a little that John C. Reilly was cast as the lead. He isn't really an obscure actor, especially not since he got an Oscar nomination for Chicago, but I don't think he's really the kind of box office draw that you'd expect a studio like Disney to have starring in something like this. I'm VERY glad that he was cast though, because I've been a fan of his for a while and I hope that this movie turns him into a much bigger name than he currently is. In my opinion, he deserves a lot better than being known as "the other guy in Step Brothers."

In short, I give Wreck-It Ralph an "A."

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