Sunday, December 16, 2012

Employee Discounts

Michaels currently has a 40% employee discount on all regular priced items. Because of that, I caved and bought this Hobbit poster:

It's kind of funny; our poster section is mainly one of those display racks where they're hung in metal frames that you can page through, but we also have some free-standing boxes of posters for specific movies, video games, and musicians. Those boxes are always in the way no matter where you put them on the sale floor, so in the three months that I've been working at Michaels, they've migrated all over the store. Right now they're in the hallway with the restrooms.

I also used my 40% discount to buy some sheets of papyrus-looking paper and burlap. I might have use for them in a couple of future book covers. Even if I don't end up going with those ideas, at least the materials were really cheap.

This is probably the first time I've had an employee discount that was useful. My first job out of school was at a dollar store, where 25% off of $1.07 doesn't make a huge difference. After that, I worked at a gym and had free membership, but I never took advantage because I didn't want to spend my days off there. Then for a brief time, I worked at a plus-sized clothing store where everything was too big to fit me. All I ever bought was one shirt on my last day, just because it seemed like something that could look baggy in a stylish way.

There's not much else to say right now. I've got another cold, I'm still editing my next book, and I'm done Christmas shopping for the year. There's supposed to be a Christmas party at Duke's Station on Wednesday, and with any luck, both of the people that I have gifts for will show up.

This is it! Nine days until December 25th!

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