Monday, December 10, 2012

"Slagel Christmas" available!

Alright! "A Very Slagel Christmas" is now officially available on Kindle! Here's the link to it:

"A Very Slagel Christmas"


After hitting it off in Jacqueline Druga's "The Nerdfly," single parents Joe Slagel and Emily Stevenson decide to spend Christmas together. Unfortunately, they have seven problems standing in the way of their happy holiday: their children. Joe's sons Frank, Jimmy, Hal, and Robbie are enough of a handful, but when Emily's mischievous brood joins the equation, families collide and hijinks ensue.

Can the Slagels maintain peace and good will towards their guests, or will this be their most disastrous—and hilarious—Christmas of all time?


I spent most of today working on the cover for another book. The book isn't one of mine, but it's an old favorite, so I'm petty excited to be working on this. I'm done with the line art and am in the process of coloring it in Photoshop (an extremely tedious process), but it should be finished tomorrow.

I also had that job "interview" this afternoon. It was actually more like an open-house lecture for several candidates at once. The people conducting it will decide tomorrow which candidates they want to bring back, and that will lead to an actual one-on-one interview on Thursday. Supposedly, they'll call me with their decision regardless of whether or not they pick me, so I can look forward to some feedback tomorrow. I don't want to jinx it by talking about it anymore.

And that's that for today. I'm going to open-mic night again in a few minutes. This is the night that I'm supposed to help Drew and Noah perform "Bent" by Matchbox Twenty. Again, I have no idea what to expect. I just hope that somebody films it.

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