Friday, December 28, 2012

A Busy Paid Author

It's been busy at Michaels these past few days. You'd think things would calm down a little after the holidays, and even though the customers have gone down in number considerably, we are by no means  relaxed at work. That's because as soon as the Christmas merchandise stops coming in, the Spring merchandise and the Valentine's Day merchandise starts coming in instead.

Today was especially crazy. We had a supply truck come in this morning, and instead of being all regular items or all seasonal items, it was both -- a double load. I think we had eight or nine people in by the end to help unload the truck and stock everything. Usually only four of us come on Friday mornings.

Just as expected, my latest paycheck deposited today and I got my first payment from Kindle! That means I'm now officially a paid author!

On a somewhat related note, the deer showed up in our yard again today.

They've been passing through the neighborhood a lot lately since this is where all the food is. They're eating everything that fell out of our bird feeder in this picture. I still think they're more creepy than cute.

Last but not least, my high school friend and I are still on to see The Hobbit tonight. We're going to stop at Panera first for a quick meal, then we'll probably polish off my giant 2012 popcorn bucket over the course of the movie. I figured I might as well get one more use out of that one before moving onto my new 2013 one.

So that' all for today. See you tomorrow, folks!

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