Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RIP My Eight-Year-Old Flip Phone

Well, my cell phone died today. It was my very first phone, and I got it back in 2004. It didn't have Internet, it didn't have a camera, and it only had twelve buttons on the keypad. That made texting pretty annoying. The main reason I held onto the phone so long was because I just didn't feel the need to have all those other fancy gadgets. As long as it could call people, it was good enough to keep.

So naturally, on the day when I'm expecting a call from a potential employer, it stops working all together.

Actually, the battery just ran out of power and needed to be replaced. The only problem is that Verizon stores don't carry batteries for eight-year-old models anymore, so it would take about a week to get one shipped in. Since I've been eligible for a discount on a new phone anyway, I finally decided to upgrade. So here it is:

My mother has almost the exact same kind, so figuring out the technicals of it was fairly easy. I never heard from the company I went to yesterday, so I'll have to call them tomorrow and find out what the deal is. I also have to find a way to turn my old phone back on for a few minutes so I can transfer all of my contacts over to the new one. Batteries Plus might be the place to visit.

On a less stressful note, Open Mic Night went fine yesterday. We didn't end up performing "Bent," but I ended up performing "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR with one of the guys in Jackie's band. There was some confusion at first since I didn't have a karaoke machine to time everything out for me, but all in all, the song went fairly well.

I also told a few people about my new Kindle books, so hopefully I'll start to see sales for "A Very Slagel Christmas." "Love Hurts" has already sold five copies!

It's about 9:30 PM now. I'm thinking of going to karaoke again tonight since I don't have to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll call ahead on my new phone to see who's going to be there...

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