Saturday, December 8, 2012

There were no more blackouts last night. I had several alarms set on my cell phone as backup, just in case. I go into work at 5 AM tomorrow too, then I'm supposed to be off from Monday through Thursday. I'll probably spend two of those four days catching up on my sleep from this past week.

My author website is still under construction. So is my next book cover, along with a few other projects. Since I don't have anything current to share today, I decided to post some links to our team's entry for the 48 Hour Film Project this past summer. It's a six-minute, black and white adventure serial about two crime fighters named Captain Stoplight and Beam Boy.

It has a very Adam West Batman vibe to it. We wanted to stay true to the era and make it as campy as possible.

 30-Second Trailer

"Adventures of Captain Stoplight and Beam Boy"

My main job was to film and edit the movie, although I do make a brief cameo in the beginning.

Posing with Jackie and Beam Boy
at the 48 Hour Screening
I also posted this animation from my college days on YouTube today, just so I could send a link to a production company that's looking to hire a graphics operator.

So that's all for now. I should have more to say tomorrow; I've got a job interview scheduled on Monday and I want to take a test drive to the place before the big day. Knowing me, finding the building might be more of an ordeal than the actual interview.

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