Saturday, December 1, 2012

13 days until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!

Not much to report from these last few days. I added another story to "Love Hurts and Other Short Stories" and have been putting the final editing touches on the manuscript. I've also started the third draft of my other book. In the meantime, I've tinkering with a few other ideas for novels and even doing some research for one. Those ideas probably won't see the light of day (or the page of a Microsoft Word document) for a while though.

Mostly I've been job hunting. I've been searching for more creative positions lately, most of which are listed on career search engine types of sites. The application process has been relatively manageable for most of them, although one position required a link of my online portfolio. Seems reasonable enough, except for the fact that I had no online resume at the time. Well, it was the evening before one of my midnight - 8:00 AM work shifts, so I was able to stay up all night making a website of my work just for that job application.

Katelyn Rushe Online Portfolio

I've sent the link to a few other companies since then, so I'd say that creating it was a smart undertaking. Let's just hope that it pays off now!

I realized today that I never came back with a more in-depth analysis of the movie Lincoln. Unfortunately, I haven't given it much more thought since the day I saw it, and the details have faded a bit from my mind. As I said last time, this isn't the type of film that I normally prefer to see, as evidenced by the countdown at the top of this blog entry. While I'm certainly open-minded to historical drama, I'm not going to have the same appreciation for it as a fan of the genre would. All in all, I say the movie is worth seeing.

So that's it, folks. I've got another early work day tomorrow and I didn't get much sleep this afternoon. I'll be back with another entry tomorrow.

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