Friday, December 7, 2012

This might turn out to be a shorter blog entry than most. The power in our house has been going on and off for the last few minutes, and I could lose my wireless internet at any moment.

I had a job interview over the phone this afternoon. The position is a full-time customer service representative, and the training for it would begin around the end of January. I think the interview went fairly well, but the person I spoke too said they'll contact me either way after they make their hiring positions. So far, I already like this place more than 90% of the other companies I've applied to in the past four months.

In other news, my mother and I made some Christmas cookies:

I had a cover idea for my next short story, and it involved Christmas cookies. We didn't have any left over from last year, and since my mother was planning to make some anyway, we got to work and churned out ten dozen this evening. I took the pictures that I needed for the book cover, and that was that. Now I just have to do some touch-ups on Photoshop and add in the title.

The story is called "A Very Slagal Christmas." I wrote it when I was twelve years old about the Slagal boys, the main characters in Jackie's Beginnings series.The story was going to be in that Christmas collection book, but since that isn't happening anymore, Jackie's given me permission to use her characters in this stand-alone piece. I've already reformatted it (here's hoping I did everything right on my own the first time), and all I have left to do is add a disclaimer and the cover art. Keep your eyes out for that on Kindle very soon!

That's all for tonight, folks. Between working, preparing for my interview, and all the other things on my crazy agenda, I think I've managed to get six hours of sleep in the last two days. I'll probably fall right to sleep tonight.

And if the power goes out again and shuts off my alarm clock, I'll probably stay asleep for a very long time.

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