Thursday, December 6, 2012

Okay folks, here you go: "Love Hurts and Other Short Stories" is now available for purchase on Kindle.

"Love Hurts and Other Short Stories"


"Love Hurts" tells a classic story: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl tries to break up with boy, boy can't take a hint, and so girl decides to murder boy in any way she can think of. This whacky tale follows Al and his endless affection for Heather, the "wonderful woman" who never leaves his side despite all of the mysterious accidents that befall him. If ignorance is bliss, then Al is the happiest man in the world. The question is how long he'll manage to stay in the world...

This story and several others come together in a funny, suspenseful, and otherworldly collection that is sure to keep you turning the pages for more.


Take a look at "Love Hurts," give it a read, and be sure to post a review!

That's all for now. I went to karaoke last night, and I've been resting for most of the day to prepare for another midnight shift at Michaels. It's still a rough shift to work, but at least I get out before the store opens and the customer mob comes in.

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