Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

We don't have many holiday traditions here at the Rushe house, but the one thing that we HAVE to do every year is watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve. Do I even have to give a review of that one? Most of you have probably seen it and love it too. It's a timeless classic that's still funny no matter how many times I watch it, and I will forever refer to trapper hats as "Cousin Eddie hats" (see left) because of it.

I also ate my entire Christmas bonus from Michaels during the movie last night. Right on schedule. :)

On to today's festivities! My parents and I stayed home since my mother and I are both kind of sick at the moment. We normally visit my father's side of the family for dinner on Christmas, but we should still be having my mother's side over tomorrow afternoon. Not having to get ready for any get-togethers made for a very laid-back, relaxing holiday--ideal conditions for book editing.

This was also a good gift year. I got some visual guide books for The Hobbit, some new sneakers, and a 2013 popcorn bucket for Carmike Cinemas, among other things. I also got the book I'll Mature When I'm Dead by Dave Barry, whose writing is downright impossible to read out loud with a straight face. Seriously, I've been reading his stuff since before I was old enough to even get all of his jokes.

Last but not least, I got a new battery for my flip phone. Now I can take it to Verizon and get all of my contacts transferred onto my new phone! My mother ordered the battery off of eBay, but the funny thing was, she actually couldn't find it by itself to buy. She had to buy a car charger that had the battery included with it as a bonus item. I mean dang, I knew my phone was outdated, but I had no idea that the accessories for it had become rare antiques. I should film the Verizon clerks' reactions to seeing it when I go in to get my contacts transfered.

My mother had sort of a Batman-themed Christmas this year. She's been obsessed with him ever since The Dark Knight Rises filmed in Pittsburgh last summer and we were extras in the football stadium scene. I got her the DVD and a Pittsburgh Pirates-style jacket that says Batman across the back. The size of the jacket is a little off though, so hopefully we can get it exchanged without any trouble. Hot Topic might have to specially order the new one since they don't seem to have them in the store anymore.

My father had a Beatles-themed Christmas. That happens pretty much every year.

So that was December 25th, 2012 for our family. There wasn't any snow today, although that's supposed to come either tonight or tomorrow morning. With any luck, that won't interfere with anything. Tomorrow will also likely be the start of a massive post-holiday sale at Michaels. I have no idea what to expect from the customers in that scenario. If it does turn out to be crazy, at least I'll have one more story for our visitors tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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