Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recent Reunions

Well, there have been a few developments in the last few days.

First off, the get-together with my high school friend went great. We did some catching up before and after the movie, and she said she's going to start training soon for a medieval reenactment troop that puts on jousting tournaments. They're supposed to start this coming Spring, and they'll be touring the country. She wants to try getting together with me and a few of our other high school friends again really soon, so there may be some more fun reunions in the near future.

We also both liked The Hobbit again.

I had a little scare on the way out of the theater, though. We were walking back to my Volkswagen in the parking lot when the car next to it backed out, and we heard this loud CRUNCH sound. I ran over to the Volkswagen in a panic, and it turned out there was a huge chunk of ice in the space next to it that the other car backed over. No harm done to the Bug. I give a big thank-you to the other driver for stopping anyway to make sure she didn't hit it.

I also talked to my college friend yesterday about his movie that I'm helping to write. We've mostly been e-mailing each other back and forth so far, and that wasn't helping to clear up my confusion about his story idea, so I finally called him up and got the whole thing straightened up. He's living on a farm in Reading, PA, and it sounds like he's going to mail me an external harddrive with some of his footage on it to help me piece together the story. His movie is part documentary, so he was able to film that part of it this past summer. While I'm waiting for the doc footage, I can start writing one of the scripted portions.

Speaking of writing, I finished the third draft of my sci-fi/fantasy novel today. It probably won't be the end of the editing process, since I'm bound to get some suggestions from the people I recruit to read the manuscript. In the meantime, I'll have plenty of other writing projects to keep me busy.

But first I'm going to karaoke!

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